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Armet Canada

The Armet concept is a system of jewellery which allows the customer to design jewellery unique to them. This presents a unique challenge when translated online. The company isn't large enough yet to fund a dedicated jewellery design app for customers, so the solution was to unlock as many customizable options as possible through the two e-commerce interfaces.

Infinite Combinations

This is great!... In theory. In practice, the limitations of Etsy and Shopify for customization create a need to be clever about how we executed the vision of customers being able to design their own jewellery without an app.


Alongside the 3D renders of the jewellery itself, it was necessary to generate "guidance" images. These made the process of customizing (on Shopify in particular) more clear.
These came alongside images of the jewellery beside coins and on busts to do as much as possible to help the customer visualize the piece they were selecting.

Shopify Customization

This is an example of the interface for a smaller pendant. The more gears or rivets a piece has, the more complex the interface... which is why it was important to make it as clear as possible.

Building the Pipeline

IN CONSTRUCTION: If I'm being entirely honest, building the pipeline to generate 3D renders for Armet was a process that I used to learn Maya, Modo, and then finally Houdini. It was a 3-year journey while I was in school where I also experimented with Arnold, V-Ray, Mantra, then finally Redshift for render engines.
This section will only go into depth about the most recent iteration of the pipeline, however.